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University and Messenger Lectures (1960-Present)

For a listing of lectures from 1924 to 1960, click here.

  Name Lecture Title Date
allison macfarlane University Lecturer:
Professor Allison M. Macfarlane, Professor of Public Policy and International Affairs, George Washington University

The Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Is Nuclear Energy Still a Viable Choice for a Carbon-Constrained World?

sherman jackson University Lecturer:
Professor Sherman Jackson, University of Southern California

Islam and the American Common Good

michael moss Messenger Lecturer:
Michael Moss, Author and Investigative Journalist

Lecture 1: A journey into the underbelly of the processed food industry; Lecture 2: You are your own journalist: the evolving ethics of storytelling, Lecture 3: Panel Discussion: Brocolli, The Alpha Vegetable. Hard-core messaging for healthier eating

thomas jordan University Lecturer:
Professor Thomas H. Jordan, Professor, University Southern California and Director, Southern California Earthquate Center

Trial of the L'Aquila Seven: How an Unforetold Seismic Catastrophe Changed Operation Hazard Forecasting

gina apostol University Lecturer:
Gina Apostol, Novelist and Essayist

"The Filipino-American War and the Writing of a Novel: Reflections on History and the Art of Fiction"

amara lakhous University Lecturer:
Dr. Amara Lakhous, Bilingual Writer

Lecture 1: Becoming a Writer: The Story of My Dream - Lecture 2: Why is Europe Failing at the Issue of Immigration - Lecture 3: Why Narrating Immigration Through Images is More Effective Today"

david kaplan University Lecturer:
Professor David Kaplan, Johns Hopkins University

"Particles and the Nature of All Things"

stephen long University Lecturer:
Professor Stephen Long, University of Illinois

"Can We Feed and Fuel the World From Plants by 2050? Scientific vs. Social Barriers"

karl deisseroth Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University


ceccilia vicuna Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Cecilia Vicuna, Poet and multidisciplinary artist

"Lectures & Performances"

yoko tawada University Lecturer:
Professor Yoko Tawada, Contempory Japanese-German Prose Writer

"Multilingual Literary Reading, in German, Japanese, English and Other Surprises"

joel salatin University Lecturer:
Joel Salatin,Polyface Farms, Inc., Virginia


david roman Messenger Lecturer:
David Roman, Department of English and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California


  Messenger Lecturer:
David Roman, Department of English and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California


mimi white University Lecturer:
Mimi White, Northwestern University


leonard susskind Messenger Lecturer:
Leonard Susskind, Director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stanford University


carolyn porco University Lecturer:
Carolyn Porco, Team Leader for the Imaging Investigation on the Cassini Saturn Orbiter


jose saldivar University Lecturer:
Jose Saldivar, Stanford Univesity


patrick dougherty Messenger Lecturer:
Patrick Dougherty, Sculptor




jonathan jansen Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the University of the Free State


elaine romero University Lecturer:
Elaine Romero, University of Wisconsin, Madison


ron suny University Lecturer:
Ron Suny, University of Michigan


stephen pacala University Lecturer:
Stephen Pacala, Princeton University


jin li University Lecturer:
Jin Li, Brown University


ann cvetkovich University Lecturer:
Ann Cvetkovich, University of Texas at Austin


a.e. stallings Messenger Lecturer:
A.E. Stallings, Poet, Translator

Member, American Academy of Arts & Sciences

"Writing Poetry;Translating Poetry & Reading Poetry

*A. E. Stallings Reading Poetry Video
**A.E. Stallings Writing Poetry Video

neil price Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Neil Price,

Department ofof Archaeology, University ofof Aberdeen

"Lecture 1: "The Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking Universe"
Lecture 2: "Life and Afterlife: Dealing with the Dead in the Viking Age"
Lecture 3: "The Shape of the Soul: The Viking Mind and the Individual"

*Neil Price: The Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking University Video

ian lipkin University Lecturer:
Professor W. Ian Lipkin, M.D.,

John Snow Professor of Epidemiology Director, Center for Infection & Immunity, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
"Microbe Hunting" F'12
david savran Messenger Lecturer:
Professor David Savran,

Distinguished Professor and Vera Mowry Roberts Chair in American Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center
Lecture 1: "Branding as Cultural Performance" Lecture 2: "Branding American Theatre in Postwar Europe" Lecture 3: "The Queer Brand of Broadway: The American Musical from Porter to The Book of Mormon" S'12
neco celik University Lecturer:
Professor Neco Celik,

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Center for Pregnancy & Newborn Research
"Film Screening of Urban Guerillas" S'12
lori ginzberg University Lecturer:
Professor Lori Ginzberg,

Professor of History and Women's Studies, Pennsylvania State University
"Rights, Racism, & "A Very Radical Proposition": Grappling with the Complex Legacies of Elizabeth Cady Stanton" S'12
brent hayes edwards University Lecturer:
Professor Brent Hayes Edwards,

Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University
"Ici Ou Ailleurs/Here or Anyplace Else: Dancing in Translation" S'12
ewine van dishoeck University Lecturer:
Professor Ewine van Dishoeck,

Professor of Molecular Astrophysics at the University of Leiden, Netherlands
"Building Planets and the Ingredients for Life Between the Stars" S'12
paul j. steinhardt University Lecturer:
Professor Paul J. Steinhardt,

Albert Einstein Professor of Science at Princeton University
"Once Upon a Time in Kamchatka: The Extraordinary Search for Natural Quasicrystals" S'12
silvio ferrari Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Silvio Ferrari,

University of Milan
Lecture 1: "Religion in the Western Legal Tradition: An Historical Perspective"
Lecture 2: "Law and Religions: Patterns" Lecture 3: "Law and Religions: Problems:
tariq ramadan Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Tariq Ramadan,

Oxford University
Lecture 1: "What would Muhammad do?"
Lecture 2: "Muslims in the West"
Lecture 3: "Arab Revolutions: What Next"
jas' elsner University Lecturer:
Professor Jas' Elsner,

Humfry Payne Senior Research Fellow in Classical Art at Corpus Christi College, Oxford
"Rhetorics of Iconoclasm from Antiquity to Byzantium" S'12
jas' elsner University Lecturer:
Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert,

Louis Block Professor in Geophysical Sciences adn the College, University of Chicago
"The Runaway Greenhouse: Could it Happen Here" S'12
sheldon pollock University Lecturer:
Professor Sheldon Pollock,

William B. Ransford Professor of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Columbia University
"Philology in Three Dimensions" S'12
amihai mazar Messenger Lecturer:
Professor Amihai Mazar,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lecture 1: "Archaeology and Biblical History: The Current State of Scholarship"
Lecture 2: "The Levant in the Tenth Century: Archaeology and the Alleged Time of David and Solomon"
Lecture 3: "A Land of Milk and Honey:" Archaeological Research on the Unique Apiary at Tel Rehov, Israel"
steven cowley University Lecturer:
Professor Steven Cowley,

Director of the Culham Laboratory and the Chief Executive Officer of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
"Fusion energy in the 21st century...and beyond!" S'12
peter nathanielsz Messenger Lecturer:
Dr. Peter Nathanielsz,

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Center for Pregnancy & Newborn Research
"Lecture 1: Health in the post-genomic era - the significance to our lifetime health of developmental programming and gene-environment interactions during development; Lecture 2: Biological milestones: The story of how fetal and neonatal development proceeds and how we become who we are; Lecture 3: Genes development and health: The new lesson for lifetime health - We are our Epigenome not our Genome " F '11
gene robinson University Lecturer:
Professor Gene Robinson

Swanlund Chair, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Understanding the Relationship Between Genes and Behavior: Lessons form the Honey Bee" F '11
edward perkins University Lecturer:
Ambassador Edward J. Perkins

Former Ambassador to South Africa
"Reflections on a Career in Diplomacy" F '11
catharine mackinnon University Lecturer:
Catharine A. Mackinnon

Elizabeth A. Long Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School
"Women's Status, Men's States" F '11
theda skocpol University Lecturer:
Theda Skocpol

Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University
"Obama's New Deal, Tea Party Reaction, and America's Political Future" F '11
carol graham University Lecturer:
Carol Graham

Sr. Fellow and Charles Robinson Chair, The Brookings Institution
"Happiness around the World: The Paradox of Happy Peasant and Miserable Millionaires" F '11
nancy armnstrong University Lecturer:
Nancy Armstrong

Professor Nancy Armstrong, Gilbert, Louis, and Lehrman Professor of English, Duke Univerity
"What is Contemporary About Contemporary Fiction?" S '11
alan lightman University Lecturer:
Alan Lightman

Writer and Adjunct Professor, MIT
"Mr. g, a novel about the creation" S '11
elizabeth freeman University Lecturer:
Elizabeth Freeman

Professor of English at the University of California, Davis
"Chronic Thinking" (In conjunction with: "Strategic Ruptures: Feminist Reflections on Crisis Management Series" S '11
greg epstein University Lecturer:
Rabbi Greg Epstein

Rabbi Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University
"Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe" S '11
sally kohlstedt University Lecturer:
Sally Kohlstedt

Professor Sally Kohlstedt, History of Science and Technology, University of Minnesota
"Through Books to Nature: Objects and Education in the Progressive Era" S '11
regina sullivan University Lecturer:
Regina Sullivan

Dr. Regina Sullivan, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of New York University
"Neurobiology of Infant Attachment: Lessons from an Animal Model" S '11
susan barry University Lecturer:
Susan Barry

Professor Susan R. Barry, Professor of Biology and Neuroscience, Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts
"FIXING MY GAZE: A scientist's journey into seeing in three dimensions" S '11
dana polan University Lecturer:
Dana Polan

Professor Dana Polan, Professor of Cinema Studies, New York University
"Television that Tastes Good: Julia Child, television cooking, and the search for status in America" S '11
john krebes Messenger Lecturer:
Lord John Krebs

Professor Principal of Jesus College at Oxford
"Science and Public Policy Lecture Series: Risk, Uncertainty and Regulation; Is Food Safe?; Facing up to Climate Change" S '11
nilufer gole University Lecturer:
Nilufer Gole

Professor of Sociology, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France
"Islamic Visibility in European Publics: Secularism, Culture, and the Sacred" S '11
jay groves University Lecturer:
Jay T. Groves

Chemical Biologist, University of California, Berkeley
"At the Interface of Physics: Spatial Organization in Chemical Biology" S '11
gananath obeyesekere University Lecturer:
Gananath Obeyesekere

Emeritus Professor, Anthropology, Princeton University
"Madame Blavatsky's Visionary Travels and the Work of the Dream-Ego" F '10
nima arkani-hamed Messenger Lecturer:
Nima Arkani-Hamed

Professor, School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ

"The Future of Fundamental Physics"

*N. Arkani-Hamed: Setting the stage: Space-time and Quantum Mechanics Video

F '10
nancy fraser Messenger Lecturer:
Nancy Fraser

Professor of Philosophy and Politics, The New School of Social Research
"The Fictitious Commodity: Fount of Capitalist Crisis in the 21st Century; The Market in Nature: Seeds and Offshoots of Capitalist Crisis; The Wages of Care Body and Soul of Capitalist Crisis" F '10
gregor schoeler Messenger Lecturer:
Gregor Schoeler

Emeritus Professor, Islamic Studies, University of Basel
"Lectures: Miracles in Islam; The Arabic Divine Comedy - The 11th Century Epistle of Forgiveness of al-Ma'arri; Memory and Literacy - The oral and the written word in early Islam (8th Century)" S '10
william julius wilson University Lecturer:
William Julius Wilson

Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor at Harvard University
"More Than Just Race, Being Black and Poor in the Inner City" S '10
a. james hudspeth University Lecturer:
A. James Hudspeth

Professor at the Rockefeller University in New York and the Head of the Laboratory of Sensory Neuroscience
"How Hearing Happens" S '10
martin kemp University Lecturer:
Martin Kemp

Emeritus Professor, History of Art at Oxford University
"Structural Intuitions in Art, Science and Technology" S '10
phillip lopate University Lecturer:
Phillip Lopate

John Cranford Adams Chair & Professor of English, Hofstra University, New York
"The Art of Ambivalence: Self-Doubt and Changing One's Mind and Books, Movies and Cities" S '10
robert j. richards University Lecturer:
Robert J. Richards

Fishbein Professor of the History of Science, Departments of History, Philosophy, Psychology, University of Chicago
"Darwin and Haeckel" S '10
marga goomez University Lecturer:
Marga Gomez

Award Winning Playwright, Actor and Humorist
"Long Island Iced Latina" S '10
susan michaelis University Lecturer:
Susan Michaelis

Professor of Cell Biology, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"Cell Biology in the Translational Era: From Mating in Yeast to Aging in Humans" S '10
margaret wertheim University Lecturer:
Margaret Wertheim

Science Writer and Exhibition Curator
"Reefer Mathness: Confronting Coral Reef Destruction and Global Warming through Mathematics, Collective Art Practice and Crochet" S'09
john pickett University Lecturer:
John A. Pickett

Professor Head of Department of Biological chemistry at Rothamsted Research
"Developing plant-derived stress signals for new crop protection strategies" S'09
nidhal guessoum University Lecturer:
Nidhal Guessoum
Professor of Physics & American University of Sharjah
"Lectures: Science and the Arab Society: A Critical Survey and Assessment and The Anthropic Principle Today: Scientific, Philosophical, and Religious Perspectives" S '09
michael geyer University Lecturer:
Michael Geyer

Samuel N. Harper Professor of German and European History, University of Chicago
"Millennial Militarism: Sovereignty Panics in the Contemporary United States" S '09
ira mellman University Lecturer:
Ira Mellman

Vice President of Research Oncology & Genentech, Inc.
"From the Halls of Academia to the Shores of Industry: Basic Cell Biology for Human Benefit" S '09
patrick johnson University Lecturer:
E. Patrick Johnson

Professor, Chair, and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Performance Studies and Professor in African American Studies at Northwestern University
"Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell Their Stories" F '09
elinor ostrom University Lecturer:
Elinor Ostrom

Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science at Indiana University
"Collective Action and the Commons: What Have We Learned?" F '09
nancy fraser Messenger Lecturer:
Nancy Fraser

Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor of Political and Social Science, New School for Social Research
"Theorizing the Great Transformation of the 21st Century" F '09
goerge bass Messenger Lecturer:
George Bass

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Texas A&M University
"Lectures: The Birth of Nautical Archaeology; Early Mediterranean Seafaring; A Midieval Puzzle: The Glass Wreck at Serce Limani" F '09
paul griffiths Messenger Lecturer:
Paul Griffiths

Author and Music Critic, Performer and Librettist
"Restoring the Lost, Retrieving the Unwritten and Relinquishing the Unwritable" F '08
scott de la hunta University Lecturer:
Scott de la Hunta '84

Research Fellow, ARTI Group, Amsterdam School of the Arts
"The Choreographic Resource: Technologies for Interpreting Dance" F '08
sheilia jasanoff Messenger Lecturer:
Sheilia Jasanoff

Professor of Science & Technology Studies, Harvard University
"After Enlightenment: Rethinking Science's Place in Democracy" F '08
garry wills University Lecturer:
Garry Wills

Professor, Northwestern University, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author
"Lincoln-Douglas Debates (1858), One Hundred Fifty Years Later (2008)" F '08
marita sturken University Lecturer:
Marita Sturken

Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University
"Consuming Security: Defensive Design in the Comfort Cultureof Everyday Life" F'08
anselm haverkamp University Lecturer:
Anselm Haverkamp

Professor of English and Director of the Poetics & Theory Program, New York University
"To Conceive of, in Pictures: Episodes from the History of Knowledge" S '08
robert duke University Lecturer:
Robert Duke

Professor in Music &
Human Learning, University of Texas, Austin
"Why Don't Students Learn What We Think We Teach" S '08
nancy fraser University Lecturer:
Nancy Fraser

Professor of Philosophy and Politics, The New School of Social Research
"Disputing the Subject of Justice: National Citizenry, Global Humanity, or Transnational Community of Risk?" S '08
michel balinski University Lecturer:
Michel Balinski
Professor Emeritus, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
"Representing, Electing, and Ranking" F '07
mandyam srinivasan University Lecturer:
Mandyam Srinivasan
Professor of Visual Neuroscience, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland
"Small Brains, Smart Minds: Vision, Navigation, and 'Cognition' in Honeybees and Applications to Robotics" F '07
speciosa wandira University Lecturer:
Speciosa Wandira
former Ugandan Vice President
"Achieving Freedom from Hunger, Poverty, and Poor Health in Sub-Saharan Africa: Priorities for Research and Public Policy F '07
steven weinberg Messenger Lecturer:
Steven Weinberg
Nobel Laureate, Holder of the Josey Chair in Science and Professor of Physics & Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin
"The Invention of Science: Poetry and Technology; The Invention of Science: Mathematics and Philosophy; A History of the Warfare of Sceince with Theology" S '07
sir martin rees Messenger Lecturer:
Sir Martin Rees

Astronomer Royal, University of Cambridge, UK
"Science and Survival in the 21st Century" S '05
francis fukuyama Messenger Lecturer:
Francis Fukuyama

Johns Hopkins University
"The State After September 11" S '03
janet halley Messenger Lecturer:
Janet Halley

Harvard Law School
"Sexuality Harassment/Same Sex Marriage" F '01
norman myers Messenger Lecturer:
Norman Myers

Consultant in Environment & Development
"Environmental and Conservation Issues for the New Millenium" S '01
david j.p. barker David J.P. Barker
University of Southampton
"Early Life Experiences and Adult Disease" F '00
gerald fink Gerald R. Fink
Director, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
"We're Off to See the Genome" S '99
judith butler Judith Butler
Chancellor's Professor, University of California at Berkeley
"Psychoanalysis, Politics, and Kinship" F '98
rex nettleford Hon. Rex Nettleford
Dpty. Vice Chancellor & Prof. of Continuing Studies, Univ. of W. Indies, Mona, Jamaica
"Cultural Identity and Development: A Caribbean Perspective" F '97
byron s.j. weng Byron S.J. Weng
Prof. of Government & Public Administration, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
"China's One Country, Two Systems' Policy and Its Implications for Sino-American Relations" F '96
clifton r wharton Clifton R. Wharton
Frmr. Deputy Secretary of State
"Presidential Politics and Foreign Policy: Diminishing America's Global Stature" S '96
helen vendler Helen Vendler
Professor of English, Harvard University
"Shakespeare's Sonnets" F '95
ross chambers Ross Chambers
Prof. of French and Comparative Literature, University of Michigan
"Aspects of Literature" S '95
leo bersani Leo Bersani
Class of 1950 Professor of French, University of California at Berkeley
"Homos" F '94
martha nussbaum Martha Nussbaum
University Professor & Professor of Philosophy and Classics, Brown University
"Upheavals of Thought: A Theory of the Emotions" S '94
ronald takaki Ronald Takaki
Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California at Berkeley
"A Past Re-Visioned: The Making of Multicultural America" F '93
bruno latour Bruno Latour
Professor at the Ecole National Superieure des Mines, Paris
"From Baboons to Nuclear Plants: A Common Geneaology for Technology and Society" S'93
peter brooks Peter Brooks
Professor of Humanities, Yale University
"The Place of the Body in Modern Narrative" F '92
maynard solomon Maynard Solomon
Professor of Music, Julliard
"Mozart: A Family Portrait" S '92
terrence sejnowski Terrence Sejnowski
Professor of Biology & Physics, UCSD and the Salk Institute
"The Computational Brain" F '91
john comaroff

jean comaroff
John & Jean Comaroff
Professors of Anthropology, University of Chicago
"Christianity, Colonialism, and Consciousness in South Africa" S '91
sir roger penrose Sir Roger Penrose
Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University
"Three Worlds and Three Mysteries" F '90
  Myles Burnyeat
Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, UK
"Freedom, Anger, and Tranquility: An Archeaology of Feeling" S '90
susan moller okin Susan Moller Okin
Professor of Politics, Brandeis University
"The Public/Domestic Dichotomy" F '89
  Peter H. Nye
Professor Emeritus, Plant Science, Oxford University
"Towards the Quantitative Control of Crop Production and Quality" S '89
  Bert Vallee
Professor of Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences & Medicine, Harvard University
"How Zinc Affects Biology and Medicine and the Fundamentals of Our Lives" F '88
houston baker Houston Baker
Professor of English & Human Relations, University of Pennsylvania
"Workings of the Spirit: The Poetics of Afro-American Women's Writing" S '88
carl friedrich von weizsacker Baron Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker
Emeritus Professor of Physics & Philosophy, Universities of Munich & Hamburg
"Philosophical and Political Consequences of Modern Science" F '87
charles tilly Charles Tilly
Professor of Sociology & History, New School for Social Research
"War, States, and Collection Action" S '87
  Irving Janis
Professor of Psychology, Yale University
"Crisis Decision-Making in the Nuclear Age" F '86
edward said Edward Said
Professor of English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University
"Culture and Imperialism" S '86
ernst mayr Ernst Mayr
Professor Emeritus, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
"Evolutionary Biology and Philosophy" F '85
john e casida John E. Casida
Professor of Entomology, University of California at Berkeley
"Retrospective and Prospect Views on Chemicals, Man, and the Environment" S '85
jurgen habermas Jurgen Habermas
Director, Max Planck Institute, Munich
"Discourse on Modernity" F '84
herbert york Herbert York
Professor of Physics, University of California, San Diego
"The Nuclear Arms Race" S '84
quentin skinner Quentin Skinner
Professor of Political Science, University of Cambridge, UK
"The Idea of Liberty: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives" F' 83
maarten brands Maarten Brands
Professor of Modern History, University of Amsterdam
"Re-Inventing Europe" S '83
paul deman Paul de Man
Professor of French & Comparative Literature, Yale University
"Rhetoric Aesthetics" S '83
john noonan John T. Noonan, Jr
Professor of Law, University of California at Berkeley
"Bribery" S '82
patrick suppes Patrick Suppes
Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University
"Rationality" F '81
donald kennedy Donald Kennedy
President, Stanford University
"Health, Science, and Regulation" F '80
rosemary cramp Rosemary Cramp
Professor of Art & Archaeology, Durham University, UK
"The Viking Achievement" F '80
robert j lifton Robert J. Lifton
Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University
"From Healer to Killer: The Doctors of Auschwitz" S '80
walter ong Walter J. Ong
Professors of English & Humanities in Psychiatry, Saint Louis University
"Contest, Sexuality, and Consciousness" F '79
marvin minsky Marvin Minsky
Professor of Science, Computer Science Dept., MIT
"The Construction of the Mind" S '79
  Arthur Kantrowitz
Chairmain, AVCO-Everett Research Laboratory, Inc.
"A Technologist Looks at Anti-Technology" F' 78
  Jean Seznec
Professor of French Literature, University of Oxford
"Revival and Metamorphoses of the Gods in Nineteenth Century Art and Literature" S '78
david grene David Grene
Professor of Social Thought, University of Chicago
"Shakespeare: Politics, History, and Poetry" F '77
rene girard Rene Girard
Professor of French & the Humanities, Johns Hopkins University
"Sacrifice, Symbolic Thought and Judeo-Christian Culture" S '77
noam chomsky Noam Chomsky
Professor of Linguistics & Philosophy, MIT
"Concepts of Language" F '76
edward o wilson Edward O. Wilson
Professor of Zoology, Harvard University
"Sociobiology" S '76
walle j h nauta Walle J.H. Nauta
Professor of Psychology, MIT
"Mammalian Behavior and the Anatomy of the Brain" F '75
charles rosen Charles Rosen
Pianist & Writer
"Music and the Perspectives of Historical Criticism" S '75
  Zhores Medvedev
Soviet Biologist & Critic
"Intellectual Dissent in the Soviet Union" S '74
  Harry Bober
Professor of the Humanities, New York University
"Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts: Enigmas and Mysteries" S'74
elting morison Elting Morison
Killian Professor of th Class of 1926, MIT
"Toward a Technologically Fixed Society" S '73
garrett hardin Garrett Hardin
Professor of Biology, University of California at Santa Barbara
"The Value and Dignity of Life" F '72
  C.T. deWit
Professor of Theoretical Production Ecology, Agricultural University, the Netherlands
"Theoretical Production Ecology: An Attempt Toward Integration" S '72
  David Daube
Professor of Law, University of California at Berkeley
"Civil Disobedience in Antiquity" F '71
jerzy neyman Jerzy Neyman
Professor of Statistics, University of California at Berkeley
"A Statistician's Experience in Three Domains of Science: Astronomy, Cancer, and Weather Modification" S '71
oswei temkin Oswei Temkin
Professor of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
"Galenism: Rise and Decline of a Medical Philosophy" F '70
yigael yadin Yigael Yadin
Professor of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
"From the Hasmoneans to Bar-Kochba: Archaelogical Findings and Finds in the Wilderness of Judea" F '69
samuel beer Samuel H. Beer
Professor of Government, Harvard University
"The Politics of American Federalism" F '69
michel jouvet md Michel Jouvet, M.D.
Faculty of Medicine, University of Lyons, France
"Sleep and Dreams" F '68
henry eyring Henry Eyring
Professor of Chemistry & Metallurgy, University of Utah
"The Scientific Models We Live By" S '68
  Dame Helen Louise Gardner
Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford, UK
"Shakespeare's Tragic Art" F '67
madame jacqueline de romilly Madame Jacqueline de Romilly
Professor of Greek, The Sorbonne
"Aspects of Time in Greek Tragedy" S '67
  A. Frey-Wyssling
Department of General Botany & Electron Microscopy, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
"Ultra-Structural Cell Organization" F '65
richard feynman Richard Feynman
Professor of Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology
"The Character of Physical Law" F '64
c. vann woodward C. Vann Woodward
Professor of History, Yale University
"The First Reconstruction in Light of the Second" S '64
kingsley davis Kingsley Davis
Professor of Sociology, University of California at Berkeley
"New Perspectives on Population: Change and Response in Modern Demographic History" F '63
h.l.a. hart H.L.A. Hart
Professor of Jurisprudence, University of Oxford, UK
"Mind and Deed in the Law" S '63
alexander hollaender Alexander Hollaender
Director, Biology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Some Basic Problems in Radiation Biology" F '62
harry harlow Harry Harlow
Professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin
"The Nature of Love and Affection in Primates" F '61
  William Haller
Professor of English, Barnard College, Columbia University
"The Elect Nation on Puritanism Reconsidered" S '61
meyer shapiro Meyer Shapiro
Professor of Fine Arts, Columbia University
"Abstract Painting" S '60

University and Messenger Lectures (1924-1960)

Frey Hoyle, Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Linus Pauling, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Arthur F. Burns, Economics, Columbia University
V. B. Wigglesworth, Zoology, University of Cambridge
G. Pontecorvo, Genetics, University of Glasgow
Paul Tillich, Religion, Harvard University
K.C. Guthrie, Classics, University of Cambridge
Alfred L. Kroeber, Anthropology, University of California
Edward C. Kirkland, History, Bowdoin College
Arthur J. Altmeyer, Louis I. Dublin, Edward J. Stieglitz, Gerontology
Phillip H. Kuenan, Submarine Geology, Gronigen, the Netherlands
Alpheus T. Mason, Government, Princeton University
Luther Gulick, Public Administration, New York
C. B. Van Niel, Bacteriology, Stanford University
Joseph Wood Krutch, Drama, Columbia University
Theodore von Karman, Engineering, California Institute of Technology
Otto Struve, Astronomy, Yerkes Observatory
Robert Redfield, Anthropology, University of Chicago
W. F. Albright, Archaeology, Johns Hopkins University
Thomas A. Bailey, Russian-American Relations, Stanford University
J. C. Clausen, Botany, Stanford University
Otto Neugebauer, History of Mathematics, Brown University
Vincent du Vigneaud, Biochemistry, Cornell Medical College
Otto Kinkeldey, Musicology, Harvard University
Harvey Fletcher, Acoustics, Bell Telephone Laboratories
Howard Mumford Jones, American Literature, Harvard University
Catherine Bauer, Housing, University of Cambridge
Marjorie Nicolson, English Literature, Columbia University
Sumner Slichter, Economics, Harvard University
Hu Shih, History of Chinese Philosophy, Peking
J. R. Oppenheimer, Atomic Physics, California Inst. Of Technology
C. C. Little, L. H. Snyder, H. J. Muller, Gene
Douglas Bush, English Literature, Harvard University
T. R. McConnell, W. H. Cowley, W. DeVane, Higher Education
Charles E. Kellogg, Agronomy, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Lydia J. Roberts, Nutrition, University of Chicago
Griffith Taylor, Geography, Toronto
Carl Becker, Cornell History, Cornell University
H. Peyre, French Literature, Yale University
H. M. Evans, Endocrinology, University of California
T. M. River and others, Virus Diseases, Rockefeller Institute
F. A. Pottle, Modern Poetry, Yale University
H. E. Sigerist, History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
T. D. Kendrick, Archaeology, British Museum
G. P. Adams, Philosophy, University of California
G. H. McIlwain, History of Political Theory, Harvard University
E. J. Dent, Musicology, University of Cambridge
Isiah Bowman, Geography, Johns Hopkins University
Robert Hegner, Parasitology, Johns Hopkins University
W. M. Calder, History of Christianity, University of Edinburgh
W. C. Mitchell, Economics, Columbia University
Sir Arthur Eddington, Astronomy, University of Cambridge
B. Malinowski, Anthropology, London
F. J. Mather, Fine Arts, Princeton University
T. H. Morgan, Genetics, California Institute of Technology
Roscoe Pound, Law, Harvard University
E. L. Thorndike, Psychology, Columbia University
T. F. Tout, English History, Manchester
H. J. C. Grierson, English Literature, University of Edinburgh
R. A. Milliken, Physics, California Institute of Technology
J. H. Breasted, Ancient History, Chicag

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