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Recognizing and avoiding plagiarism

As the Cornell Arts & Sciences website on recognizing and avoiding plagiarism says,

Plagiarism—the unacknowledged use of the words or ideas of others—is the most common form of academic integrity violation at Cornell.

If you are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism and whether you are actually plagiarising when you use websites and written materials in your own work, please visit the A&S website.

In fact, faculty and students alike would benefit from visiting this website. Many of us believe we understand what plagiarism is and what is not, but carrying out the exercises on this website can be an eye-opener.

Here is an issue. In some courses, the student is asked to submit several drafts of a paper, which are critiqued and graded. Is it OK to plagiarise in the drafts, as long as the plagiarism is removed in the final version? Some would say yes, since the draft is a work in progress and not a finished product. But the instructor might object! If you, a student, are not clear on the instructor's expectations regarding plagiarism in drafts, ask the instructor before submitting anything.