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Multiple violations

You just received a letter from the dean of your college or the chair of your college's AIHB informing you that you have been found guilty of several violations of academic integrity. The chair of the AIHB will schedule a hearing to consider further penalties.

This is serious. Depending on the severity of your previous violations, how you comport yourself at the hearing, and other factors, you may be facing additional penalties: for example, a note on your transcript, suspension for a semester, or even expulsion from Cornell.

Cornell takes academic integrity—and violations of it—seriously, and a pattern of violations is indeed serious.

How do you prepare for the hearing?

Prepare for this hearing as you would any previous AIHB that you attended. Here are things that you can do.

  • Read the Code of Academic Integrity
  • Read about appealing the instructor's decision to the AIHB. Your hearing regarding multiple violations will be similar to those taking place for appealing the instructor's decision, except that the instructors who charged you with the previous violations and the independent witnesses at the primary hearings will not be present. You, members of the AIHB, the recorder, and people that you bring to advise you will be present.
  • Contact the AIHB chair and perhaps meet with the chair in order to discuss the situation.
  • Talk to a Judicial Codes Counselors (JCC). Email JCCs are students from the Cornell Law School. A JCC can advise you on the Code of Academic Integrity, can give you an insider’s view of how the academic integrity system works at Cornel, and can help you prepare for your hearing. A JCC may attend your hearing, but only to support and advise you, not to act as your lawyer or present the case on your behalf.
  • Talk to your academic advisor about the situation. Your advisor may be willing to attend the hearing and give you advice.
  • Talk to your parents. Usually, the sooner they know about this situation the better. They may be able to advise you.

Can you appeal AIHB's decision?

After the hearing, if the AIHB imposes further penalties, you may appeal to the dean of your college.