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The instructor's responsibility

at an AIHB hearing

You are an instructor. You have been asked to attend a hearing of the AIHB because of one of the following:

  • You found a student guilty and the student is appealing;
  • You asked the AIHB to hold a hearing because you think a violation requires a harsher penalty than you can impose.

At the AIHB hearing, you will be asked to state your charge against the student and present your evidence against the student. The student may question you and enter into a discussion with you, all under the guidance of the chair of the AIHB. During the student's response, you will have the opportunity to ask the student questions. AIHB members will also ask questions and take part in discussions.

The independent witness at the primary hearing, if held, will be present and may be asked to describe what happened at the primary hearing.

After you have presented your case and the student has responded, and all discussion is over, you and the student may make concluding statements.

Depending on the college, during the AIHB deliberations, you and the students may be asked to wait nearby so that the AIHB can call you in and state their decisions. In some colleges, the decisions are announced by mail only after the hearing.

Bring with you relevant witnesses—TAs involved in uncovering the alleged violations, etc. Also bring copies of evidence for the AIHB members. If the evidence is too voluminous, one copy will do, but if it is only a few pages, it will help to have 6-7 copies. Plan on leaving evidence with the record keeper.

The decription of the AIHB hearing for the student has more detail, and you may want to read it.